Jan Žůrek

Jan Žůrek Managing Partner at KPMG Czech Republic

“In 2015 we looked back at 25 years of KPMG’s presence on the Czech market. Together with our clients and our employees we celebrated our anniversary with several entertaining cultural events. We also brought out a publication mapping the history of the last quarter-century. In our assessment of 2015, we took a look at whether our activities have had a more profound effect on our surroundings. Within our Purpose campaign, our employees thought about the deeper meaning of their work, the benefits they individually bring to the firm and the benefits of KPMG’s business activities for Czech society and its secure anchoring in the democratic values of Western society.

Obviously, success is neither automatic nor can it be assured for the future. Existing global challenges will sooner or later influence not only our business efforts but the entire market environment in which we operate.

Water has become ever scarcer, energy sources ever more limited, the population ever older…and security, be it physical or cybernetic, has undeniably become a key topic.

These factors have to be anticipated and worked with. The current shift in the perception of social responsibility is hence tremendously important, as we are moving from philanthropy to assuring the long-term sustainability of our undertakings. Business will neither be able to stand idly by while the rest of the world tries to deal with the problems that face us today, nor should it avoid adopting a definite stance concerning critical issues.

As a consulting firm, we know of the necessity to react to present-day obstacles, as within our responsible business strategy we deal with them on a day-to-day basis and are prepared and eager to assist our clients in surmounting whatever challenges may lie ahead.“