Our path to sustainable business

KPMG Czech Republic´s report on responsible business for 2015

Dear readers,
Thank you for your interest in the CSR activities of KPMG Česká republika. You may find that our CSR report is somewhat outdated and does not contain up-to-date information. We apologise for the report’s temporary antiquatedness, caused by our decision to change our reporting period from the calendar year (January – December) to the fiscal year (October –September). Our next report will hence be published for the October 2016 – September 2017 period. We expect to issue our new CSR report in March 2018. We have decided on this step as we trust that within the fiscal year we will be able to report even more interesting data and information.

Thank you for your understanding,
KPMG Česká republika
Jan Žůrek
Jan Žůrek Managing Partner at KPMG Czech Republic


In 2015 we looked back at 25 years of KPMG’s presence on the Czech market. Together with our clients and our employees we celebrated our anniversary with several entertaining cultural events. We also brought out a publication mapping the history of the last quarter-century...

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