Our client care structure and the sectors we serve

Romana Benešová

Romana Benešová Partner in charge of Markets and Proposals

„The key purpose of our client care is to be able to listen and to anticipate the needs of our clients on the dynamic market and build long-term relations based on trust."

Structure and customer care industry, which worked

Our firm’s client care strategy is to render top professional services combined with efficient communication and the coordination of our activities. We provide added value to our clients by sharing our knowledge and experience specifically aimed at a particular sector of the economy and the needs of a specific client.

We provide a wide a range of advisory services throughout the Czech Republic. For more information, please see the section describing our services.

Team cooperation and coordination

Multifunctional teams of professionals from various departments regularly meet to discuss market news and challenges as well as our existing and future clients' needs.

Your client partner

A designated client partner is responsible for the quality of all services provided by KPMG to each particular client and may be contacted whenever clients need to do so.

A sectoral view of the market

Our client teams are supplemented by multidisciplinary sectoral teams which monitor and share market development information, evaluate the dynamics among companies on the market and identify strategic opportunities for the development of new business prospects. At the same time, we try to educate the market players and share our know-how by publishing studies, organising expert conferences, meetings and press release events. Each sector is led by a sector leader, i.e. a partner who is a recognised personality on the market and is responsible for the further development of KPMG’s expertise in a particular sector.

Currently, in the Czech Republic we systematically focus on the following sectors:

  • automotive industry
  • travel and tourism, sports and leisure-time activities,
  • transportation,
  • energy business,
  • financial services (banking and insurance industry),
  • retail,
  • food and consumer goods,
  • family businesses,
  • building industry and real estate,
  • telecommunications,
  • public administration,
  • manufacturing and industrial companies,
  • health services. (for more information, click here)

Of these sectors are priority:

  • financial services
  • the building industry and real estate
  • the energy sector
These three sectors were also the largest in the 2015 financial year (in terms of the number of engagements and turnover).

We help Czech businesses towards success

Our activities are closely tied to the Czech business environment. We cooperate with many significant Czech entrepreneurs, who are often also the direct owners of their companies. We unequivocally associate the growth of our firm with the growth of these clients. At the same time we aim to support the entrepreneurial spirit of start-ups.